Planned route

Disclaimer: The whole reason we are on this trip is so that we can get away from incessantly making plans, so all of this is subject to change. That said, we do have a rough idea of where we are headed.

The trip will start in Singapore 10 days after Bryony graduates. From there we will head up the Eastern coast of Malaysia and into Thailand. After a quick stop in Bangkok we will head East into Cambodia and Vietnam before making our way up the coast and heading back West into Laos. We will then loop down into Thailand before heading across into Myanmar. We haven’t really got a concrete plan for getting into India, but once we do we plan to head up into Nepal. From here we will have to decide whether we head up into China, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan or back South into India and across Pakistan and Iran to get to Turkey. Lots of this will depend on the time of year, and what information we can gather from other cycle tourists on the journey. From Turkey the plan is to head across Eastern Europe and eventually end up in Holland (or somewhere we can find jobs!)

The best thing about going by bicycle is that we can jump on a train, plane or bus if we aren’t enjoying ourselves, are tired of cycling or if we’re starting to get low on money.