Living in Aalst

Our favourite part about living in Aalst is that we could have a home again. It’s surprising how much we missed all the normal things like cooking for flatmates from ingredients we kept in the house, baking, having a familiar supermarket, bar and running route and spending Sunday afternoons eating banana bread while watching the cyclocross. Other stuff we did while in Aalst was apply for jobs. Everyday we would search for new ads and apply for anything from scientists to hotel cleaners to bike shop mechanics. But that stuff is all a bit boring, so we’ll only write about the things we did.

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Vienna and ‘home’ to Aalst

The bus to Vienna was shorter than our trip into Slovenia, but not particularly comfortable and we were relieved when we arrived. We had to take the underground across town to the hostel where we were meeting Bryony’s school friend Mel and Hayden. Luckily we have improved at reading the maps since Frankfurt.

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