Crossing the east-west highway

We enjoyed our two nights at the Humaira hotel in Tanah Mera. We found a very enthusiastic Chinese restaurant owner who fed us a couple ohf times. It was interesting talking with him about living in a predominantly Muslim state. He was a bit grumpy because the day before a local politician had said that non-muslims should dress modestly during Ramadan, and recently new rules for policing dress had come into effect for Muslims in the state, which he was worried would effect his family. We also bought murtabak from the happiest guy in Malaysia twice. This is a kind of onion/egg/meat mix folded into roti to make a parcel and fried. Makes a really good lunch. Continue reading


Relaxing on Perhentian Besar

Nearly every person who we had a proper conversation with on our ride up the west coast asked if we were visiting the Perhentian islands, and they came highly recommended by Violet, our Malaysian warm showers guest. They are a pretty big tourist attraction, so we made sure to arrive on a Sunday after all the weekend guests had left. We booked our ticket and accomodation at Mamma’s resort on Perhentian Besar before we left – apparently pre-booking is reccomended in the high season, although we could have gotten away without it. The receptionist was lovely and organised for our bikes to be stored at a friends shop. Continue reading

Getting into Malaysia

Well we did finally manage to leave Tatyana’s early(ish) on Sunday morning. It was easy to get onto Robinson road which took us straight into the city. There was some kind of car free event going on because the road was closed to traffic and there were people on all sorts of bikes riding together along the street. Over the past few days in Singapore we saw more fancy cars than we’ve ever seen, and this was kind of the biking version – people were cruising by on Pinarello, Wilier, Cervello and Felt bikes, to name a few. We ended up doing a lap with these riders because it seemed easier than trying to cross the stream of cyclists. Continue reading

Exploring Singapore

Well we did manage to set up our bikes, but we haven’t actually ridden them yet! Tatyana has been generously hosting us, not only letting us stay in her awesome (and cool) apartment, but also showing us some of the sights of Singapore. On our first night she took us to the top of her apartment block, 50 storeys up where we watched a stunning sunset before racing down to the supertrees at Marina Bay. These are giant structures planted with vertical gardens that light up twice a night in time with a musical performance. We walked back along the bay and returned home shattered to sleep. Continue reading