We made it to Singapore!

Despite New Zealands best attempts to keep us, we’ve made it to Singapore and are writing this from Tatyana and John’s 42nd floor apartment near the center of town. We managed to pack up our house and shift it home with more than a little help from Sarah and Bryony’s Mum Kate. The problems started two days later when packing the car for the Dunedin farewells and the bikes refused to fit in Bryony’s parents car. No worries, we just got dropped at the airport for our big OE with our luggage in the horse float. James’ Dad Peter picked us up in Auckland in a functional Subaru station wagon with plenty of room for the bikes. After a few days catching up with the McKellar family, including new niece Amelia we piled into the same red Subaru station wagon only to find that it refused to start. Luckily with a push start we could get it to go, so didn’t switch it off until we reached Auckland airport and farewelled James’ Mum in the rain in the car park after reverse push starting the car. Continue reading